New Pickleball Rules For 2022

What's on the menu?
Every year, USA Pickleball and the IFP Rules Committee will review potential rules changes for the next year. This year, more than 70 potential new rule changes have been submitted to USA Pickleball for review, voting, and implementation may begin on January 1, 2022.

What's on the menu?

We won’t go through all 70+ proposals, but some of the most notable suggestions are:

Spin serve (often referred to as "chainsaw serve" and is known by Zane Nafratil and Morgan Evans.)
Rally score (a player or team can score even if they return to serve.)
Airdrop serve (another serve option, the server can use the outstretched arm to throw the ball above his head and bounce the ball.)
Without earplugs when playing
Start the game and play at 0-0-1 (not 0-0-2.)
Okay, what does that matter? Which rules passed will affect the daily game? Well, in our opinion, two passed and one failed, which will affect all players. (Spoiler alert! Chainsaw serve, rally scoring, and airdrop serve.)

The long-awaited result...
Spin serve (chain saw serve)
Result: passed

Players are no longer allowed to spin the ball on the racket before hitting the ball.

Rally score
Result: failed

In 2022, the traditional scoring method will remain.

Drop service
Result: passed

Since the provisional rules were approved in 2021, players will continue to be able to extend their arms over their heads, drop the ball without downward force, and hit the ball after one bounce.

Other results...
Without earplugs when playing
Result: passed

Players will no longer be allowed to wear earplugs or headphones in approved matches.

Start the game 0-0-1.
Result: failed

The game will continue to start from 0-0-2 as in previous years.

If you want to see what is recommended, through a complete list of votes and defeats, instead of voting for everything, you can find it here, on the American Pickball website.

How to submit changes and who can submit change requests?
As you would expect from USA Pickleball, the rule change process is lengthy, thorough, and transparent. This is a quick basic overview of how it works.

Members submit suggestions through USA Pickleball at the beginning of each year.
Public comments submitted for each rule. The goal is to have an overall feel and a larger group view of the proposed changes.
The proposed rule changes and public comments are submitted to the IFP Rules Committee.
From there, the IFP Rules Committee and the American Pickball Rules Committee vote on the proposed changes. After the IFP has finished voting, they will share all the results on the USA Pickleball website. After that, the rule revision committee began to write the rules.

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